Monday, 13 December 2010

Council Tw**s

Did a bit for the Council the other day...its true there idle..
There is one chap who takes the water temperature in the hot taps...
Another who checks it the plugs are safe......
The coffee machine said OUT OF I had a look to see if it was something simple....yes it needed cleaning..they had allready rung the supplier to say it was'nt working...£30.00 call out..
The dish washer was out charge £180.00...?????

Party Time

Last week I did a 21st birthday buffet,i arrived at 3.30 to get the buffet out about 8.30/9.00 ..the toilets were full of party goers snorting coke and smoking skunk....They partied all night till the early hours...hard core you know the score

Top Snacks

Sheeps Head anyone's_head_smalahove

Weddings in Batley

I did 5 weddings in Batley over the summer in a strange Hotel...As the first wedding the happy couple entered the Hotel,I could smell a strong smell of SKUNK wafting around from one of the rooms on the first floor..The hotel manager nocked on the door to find 4 asian lads' bonging on' with eyes as red as the sun....a few days later a prostitute was found giving one of the residents a blow job wearing a berkera....?????.
  I also found 2 asian waiters scoffing choclate cake in the middle af eade......

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Fat yanks

You've gotta laugh....


I dont realy give a shit what people long as its not Tiger penis or endangered Whales and I think Shark fin soup is tragic...but a Vegan who carnt eat anything that has been cooked is going too far...........